There is no industry that wouldn’t be revolutionized through gaining the ability to predict the future, but healthcare in particular would be utterly transformed. Decades-old misalignment of incentives between payers and providers would be resolved. It would bring an end to hundreds of billions of dollars wasted on preventable disease states. Healthcare would shift from profiting from disease to profiting from wellness. Consumers would have a true path to ensuring longer, healthier lives – more time, more hugs.

DeLorean AI has built the future, tested it, proven it, delivered it and made it real, today.

In 5 years-time, payers and providers not powered by disease predicting technology will be extinct. And they deserve to be.



  • Business Development Team
  • Executive Team
  • Medical Outreach & Support Team
  • Solution Delivery Team
  • Technology Team
Severence M. MacLaughlin, PhD
Founder & Managing Partner
Dr. MacLaughlin is a thought leader in the application of artificial intelligence, data sciences, & advanced analytics space and has worked across numerous market verticals.
James Chow
Executive Advisor
Bio coming soon!
Dr. Attila J. Hertelendy, PhD
Executive Advisor - Middle East and North Africa
Bio coming soon!
Greg McFaul
VP, Business Development & Customer Experience, West
With 20+ years of experience driving revenue, management, and go-to-market planning, Greg oversees West and Global sales, and the BDR operations as the company is experiencing expontential growth.
Sam Williams
VP, Business Development & Customer Experience, East
Sam brings extensive health plan and healthcare technology expertise to DeLorean AI and is responsible for developing the overall growth efforts in the East. He has a deep passion for healthcare and finding creative strategies and partnerships to bring value to members and patients across the healthcare ecosystem.
Thomas Springer
Business Development Rep
Tom brings over 13 years of experience in SaaS sales and 5 years of Healthcare experience. He is passionate about providing driving change by showing the true value of AI to impact key performance drivers for payers, providers and members alike.
Gordon Kuttner, MD
Chief Medical Officer
Gordon B. Kuttner, MD, JD, MBA is a multifaceted entrepreneurial physician executive who embraces innovation to improve evidence-based, efficient, and cost-effective outcomes in healthcare delivery.
Qasim Ali Butt, MD
Chief Kidney Officer
Qasim Butt, MD is an innovative Interventional Nephrologist wanting to improve the lives of patients and efficacy of clinicians through the use of AI and other technologies.
Patricia Brigham, RN
Chief Nursing Officer
From Colonel in the US Army to leadership development, Patricia Brigham, RN, MS, harnesses human sensitivity and data to create systemic organizational change.
Jennifer Ruggiero
VP, Solution Delivery & Operations
Jennifer is a leadership professional with 16+ years of operational experience sitting at the intersection of healthcare and data/technology to drive substantiave change, progress, and results.
Larson Woodall
Lead Data Visualization Engineer
A visualization engineer with DeLorean AI since 2023, Larson has an inquisitive mind and eye for crafting technical solutions to optimize utility and build tailored solutions
Dhiraj Sharma, PhD
Vice President, Artificial Intelligence
Dr. Sharma is an experienced technical leader with depth and breadth in all aspects of AI and data science and their cost-effective applications to a spectrum of business applications. He currently co-leads the Medical and Sales AI work at DeLorean AI.
Ram Prasad Bora, PhD
Vice President, Artificial Intelligence
Dr. Ram Bora is an accomplished researcher and technical leader in AI and Data Sciences. Dr. Ram developed and deployed cost effective, scalable, and high impact AI solutions across the industries.
Preeti Singla, PhD
Senior Data Scientist
Dr. Preeti, a seasoned researcher and technical expert in data science and AI, serves as a senior data scientist at DeLorean AI since 2022. Throughout her career, she has showcased proficiency across diverse industries and technologies, establishing herself as a valuable asset in the fields of data science and AI.
Dillon Wintz
Junior Data Scientist
Dillon is a driven data scientist who seeks to discover value & knowledge for clients & stakeholders through data-driven investigations and machine learning modeling. A member of DeLorean AI since 2022, he has developed strong business & technical intuition across a wide range of industries and technologies.

ABOUT severence maclaughlin, phd

Founder & Managing Partner

Dr. MacLaughlin oversees the development and implementation of sentient and semi-sentient systems of artificial intelligence that address complex corporate and organizational problems. The solutions offered help in driving increased productivity, financial ROI as well as enhanced regulatory compliance in a variety of verticals.

Severence M. MacLaughlin, Ph.D has served in a number of leadership roles in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Data Sciences throughout his careers including Chief of Intelligence for the Western Hemisphere at Capgemini Invent and Global Head of Artificial Intelligence for Healthcare & Life Sciences at Cognizant.

Severence MacLaughlin
Man speaking


Dr. MacLaughlin is one of the top-ranked AI & Data Scientists Globally

  • Ranked among the top 20 Life Sciences Data Scientists.
  • Ranked second Healthcare Data Scientist.
  • Ranked first Consulting Data Scientist in the Life Sciences and Healthcare knowledge base.
  • Recognized as the American Healthcare Leader for Q1 2018.
  • Currently advises the United Nations (UN) and World Health Organization (WHO)



At DeLorean AI, we are committed to leading the healthcare industry into a new era of value-based care, where the wellness of patients is the compass that guides our innovation. We believe in the power of predictive intelligence to transform care delivery, making prevention the most potent medicine and ensuring longer, healthier lives for all. Motivated by the potential of AI to identify and intervene in disease progression, we strive to create a symbiotic alignment of incentives within the healthcare system, optimizing costs and outcomes. We hold the conviction that the transition to value-based care is not just a strategic move but a moral imperative. Our mission is to equip care providers with the most advanced tools, underpinned by responsible AI and ML technologies that stand the test of real-world healthcare challenges. We are dedicated to upholding the integrity of our solutions, ensuring they meet the rigorous demands of American healthcare. As we look to the future, we pledge to champion the role of technology in disease prediction and prevention, ensuring that those who embrace this vision thrive. For DeLorean AI, ‘someday’ is now; we are shaping a future where the embrace of predictive healthcare technology is not just a choice, but a fundamental criterion for the survival and success of payers and providers alike.