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Sales AI, or Customer Relationship Management AI (CRM AI), is a comprehensive AI solution for the most taxing sales problems. Our product allows Sales and Marketing teams to shift the curve on sales in the direction of success. The results from Sales AI not only give insights into activities but it also makes predictions and next-best-action recommendations that allow the team to:

  • Predict if a deal will sell or fail
  • Predict where in the sales cycle the deal will fail
  • Determine what the best action to take is to move the deal to the next stage of the funnel and to a win

Additionally, Sales AI increases visibility into operations and predicts quarterly revenue and improve forecasting.

Our clients have seen a 15% increase in sales with the adoption of Sales AI


Our technology can improve efficacy of sales in the pipeline by modelling outcomes of deals with probability. With the ability to better classify wins versus losses, identify significant drivers, and recommend solutions for deal conversion, Sales AI directly leads to:

  • Increasing overall sales
  • Increasing percentage of deals won by diverting attention away from low-probable wins and towards higher probable wins
  • Lower operational costs
  • Shortening sales cycles
  • Cost reduction of win rates
  • Improving efficacy of strategic decision-making


Sales AI can enhance your business' strategy by driving impactful decision-making and subsequent actions. By revolutionizing the sales process, it simultaneously saves your organization high costs from wasting time and labor costs on lost deals and improves the ability to focus energy on deals that will win.



Sales AI has established interoperability with various CRM platforms so that companies can avoid laborious platform migrations and reduce risk as data can stay in the client environment



Sales AI moves beyond just observational insights; it is a system capable of looking to the future by predicting, in real-time, how products and deals will perform. Sales AI culminates in an easy-to- use, customizable dashboard that user at all levels, from leadership to sales agents, can use to review the latest information and operate with data-driven decision making.

Other AI services for Sales vs. DeLorean AI's Sales AI

Other AI Services

DeLorean Artificial Intelligence

AI solutions for sales that are currently available often only use structured date within the sales pipeline to deliver limited results about the potential success of any particular deal.

DeLorean AI Medical AI

DeLorean Artificial Intelligence

DeLorean AI's sales product can use all data available, including unstructured data. Then after performing classifications, it produces predictions and next-best-action recommendations, including interventive actions to increase deal winnability.


  • Harvest all structure and unstructured data within a CRM funnel system into one database
  • Perform horizon dataset establishment and profile (customer, deal, sales person, event, etc.) modeling
  • Conduct real-time analysis of new deals, clients, and RFPs
DeLorean Artificial Intelligence

Key Sales Outcomes

  • Deal Win/Loss Probability
  • Deal Progression Key Drivers
  • Next Best Stage Prediction
  • Next Best Sales Rep
  • Next Best Capability/Offering
  • Deal Directionality Prediction
  • Real-time Sentiment Scoring
  • TCV Prediction
  • Adjusted TCV & Sales Duration Forecast
  • Key Influencer Prediction & Intervention

Sales AI Results in Action

Sales AI results are delivered through easily consumable dashboards specifically tailored to the end-user needs, whether its mapping to a client's existing system or using a new platform such as PowerBI or Tableau.

Sales AI Results can be easily tailored for each user to show the most pertinent insights and actions.

DeLorean Artificial Intelligence

Executives can access high-level data then drill down to look at specific instances to understand the driving forces behind sales, activities, and revenue

DeLorean Artificial Intelligence

Managers can quickly assess their personal activities and their teams to improve visibility and make decisions faster to prevent deal loss and improve service

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