Ticket Analysis Prediction Engine AI (TAPE AI)

DeLorean AI has developed TAPE, Ticket Analysis Prediction Engine, a system of intelligence for IT operations to optimize business processes, reduce manual efforts, and increase delivery for customers.

DeLorean AI’s TAPE has the capability of analyzing internal IT data using AI and machine learning to produce actionable, real-time insights. These insights can be used to inform decisions for both operations and business. More so, TAPE can predict events to realize optimization and efficiency and uncover the unknown.

DeLorean AI's TAPE predictions are 85% accurate

TAPE realizes business value at every level


Gain efficiencies through predictions that help tickets get to where they need to for the best result


Resolve tickets faster through more efficient routing and improved ticket agent assignment


Gain insight into potential events that impact business and create a plan to prevent or mitigate issues and expedite resolutions

  • Real-time Insights    
  • Increase Operational Efficiency    
  • Decrease Labor Costs    
  • Deliver Accelerated ROI    
  • Improve end-to-end business    
  • Continuity Prevent Unseen ITSM issues    


Harness the power of prediction to proactively detect an issue, intervene, and prevent the issue altogether or drastically decrease its impact

  • Funnel tickets to the best assignment group
  • Send tickets to the right agent for the best results
  • Know which occurrences are likely to take place
  • Get next-best-action recommendations to address concerns


Understand the effects of events on business, from performance to issues, to allow quick decision- making and uncover new opportunities

  • Highlight advantages in current processes
  • Detail obstacles in the current process and identify potential future issues


Understand complex data with succinct views of predictions and analytics to be readily informed, gain visibility into the business, and streamline operations

  • Identify areas or issues requiring attention
  • Understand what is happening in the process, e.g., cancellations

TAPE provides solutions where they're needed the most

Systems Integrators & Enterprise Software Companies

For companies that provide IT services, TAPE provides the opportunity to elevate capabilities and services offered to customers by:

  • Increasing the ability to competitiveness through differentiation
  • Lowering internal costs
  • Improving processes and performance

Businesses with Large Operations & Customer Tickets

For large businesses that employ IT Service Management, TAPE creates enhancements to overall operations by:

  • Reducing ticket resolution times
  • Improving conversion
  • Improving customer service and agent engagement

TAPE Results in Action

Easy-to-use Dashboards

DeLorean Artificial Intelligence

TAPE results are delivered through easily consumable dashboards specifically tailored to the end- user needs, to represent critical performance information

Process Insights

DeLorean Artificial Intelligence

Key observations lead to insights on the overall process including areas such as:

  • Ticket closure rates
  • Duration of open tickets
  • Resolution of critical tickets
  • Etc.

Agent Performance

DeLorean Artificial Intelligence

In addition to understanding the operation, get in-depth analytics on agents, their performance, and recommendations for improvements to enhance operations and customer service

Using AI to Change the Ticket Resolution Lifecycle

IT Service Management (ITSM) is often an invisible force that supports seamless business functions; there when something goes wrong, working toward a solution until the issue is resolved. Then the end-user and the business can resume normal operations once again.

However, a smooth operation can quickly turn into back-ups and delays as unpredictability, compounding issues, and unknown variables disrupt process flow and consume work hours. Unexpected downtime or periods of high-volume during poor network connectivity, infrastructure constraints, and application malfunctions while managing different ticket types ranging in severity and urgency creates daily challenges.


DeLorean Artificial Intelligence
DeLorean Artificial Intelligence

To counteract this and ensure IT can manage during atypical periods, companies often must maintain larger agent pools. Without knowing when to up-staff, negative impacts can occur before a resolution is reached or demand plateaus. Additionally, limited ability to mitigate or avoid issues altogether can precipitate downstream impacts felt across systems by users and the business leading to financial loss and internal/external customer dissatisfaction.

Despite these cumulative obstacles posing challenges to optimizing processes or even introducing automation to operations, a system of intelligence can offer a solution to gain a deeper understanding of operations and drive predictions based on ticket assignments, event causes, and more.