Cardio AI

Cardio AI

DeLorean AI’s state-of-the-art, pre-trained Medical AI model is easily adapted to different disease states, including diabetes care, or Cardio AI. Our Cardio AI product has been applied to hypertension (I10), angina pectoris (I20), and coronary heart disease (I25).

Cardio AI offers a holistic approach to patient management and operations that is capable of factoring in the different variables, various business needs, as well as patient’s unique requirements delivered in real-time through easy-to-use visualizations

DeLorean Artificial Intelligence


Cardio AI makes use of the entire patient population, instead of samples, to ensure sub-populations are captured and comprehensive risk classifications can be assigned to adeptly identify those who are at-risk


With the entire population modeled, Cardio AI can monitor each patient on an individual level and create specific, tailored recommendations for treatment protocols and appropriately provide interventive measures when needed


Cardio AI generates predictions in real-time, as new data enters the environment, monitoring those who are at-risk for developing diseases, transitioning to a worse disease state, or evaluating treatment for patients based on the stage / severity of the disease


When differences are detected between predictions and actions, Cardio AI will make a next-best-action recommendation for the healthcare professional to review and act upon

DeLorean Artificial Intelligence

Cardio AI has several key impacts

  • Improve patient quality of care
  • Provide hyper-personalized care
  • Halt disease progression
  • Identify unknown populations
  • Lower patient care costs
  • Increase overall care savings
  • Enhance nurse and technician performance
  • Improve compliance
  • Realize operation efficiencies

Cardio AI is widely applicable and user-friendly offering distinct business advantages

Ease of Implementation

DeLorean AI has proven interoperability with several key systems and designed our products to be implemented in client environments and work with existing systems

  • Minimize time to implement
  • Ease of maintenance as patients expand
  • Expand model with additional data
  • Create easy-to-use visualizations

Realize Monetary Improvements

Extending patient lives, producing positive treatment protocols, and lowering patient risk allow for higher star ratings and the ability to increase new patients

  • Improve health outcomes
  • Decrease patient risk levels
  • Improve star ratings
  • Identify gold standard practices

Augment Operations

Our model culminates in dashboard visualizations designed to bring insights, predictions, and actions into the hands of nurses and care managers to support decision-making and actions.

  • Improve patient management
  • Utilize next-best-actions
  • Hyper-personalize care
  • Standardize operations
  • Reduce errors

From data to decisions, Cardio AI beginning to end

After the model uses the data to produce results, they are displayed using a dashboard to provide a simple, easy-to-navigate visualization in order to review insights, predictions, and next-best-action recommendations that can be used to inform care decisions and management.

DeLorean Artificial Intelligence